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Litigation Support

When an enterprise is involved in business disputes, in the course of operations or finding itself in financial difficulty, or disagreeing with the judgment, if litigation may be threatened or a potential risk, then both disagreeing parties may need professional opinions. Conpak provides clients with overall and effective support, helps clients make expert witness reports, carries out fraud investigation, and helps settle disputes arising from accounts transaction by virtue of rich experience of litigation support.

Our Services Include:

  • Expert Witness
    • Claim against Business Disputes
    • Disputes Arising from Project Completion Account
    • Claim against Bodily Injury and Loss of Earnings
    • Claim against Breach of Contract or Guarantee
    • Assessment of Defamation and Injury
  • Litigation Support
    • Auditing Contract Clause
    • Confirmation of Disclosure Documents
    • Evaluation of Litigation Risk
    • Assistance in Application for Indemnities
    • Assessment and Analysis of Expert Report
    • Assisting Solicitor to Collect Relevant Proof

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