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Performance Management

Performance Management System is an important mechanism for the effective execution of company strategy, and the soul of enterprises' human resources management. Firstly, a reasonable method is applied to appraise the performance of duty and fulfillment of targets as required by employees. Then, the appraisal results are linked to distribution, promotion and human resources selection. Finally, enterprises are helped to draw up training plans and further human resources arrangement through performance rating.

Conpak has rich practical experience on how to establish an effective performance appraisal system, and can help enterprises reach strategic targets and managerial objectives.

Our Services Include:

  • Identifying Enterprises' Demand for Performance Management
  • Designing Suitable Performance Appraisal Scheme
  • Assisting in Implementation and Evaluation of Performance Management
  • Helping in Establish Personal Development Plan
  • Helping in Manage and Improve Staff Relations

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