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Special Purpose Audit

Nowadays, the business environment is getting increasingly complicated, enterprises may need to conduct special purpose audit due to different operational reasons in order to satisfy different management goals and needs. Conpak is experienced in auditing of different purposes for various industries. We can provide reliable evidences for the investors by the auditing and professional advice provided by the auditors.

Special purpose audit is conducted based on the following financial messages and generates the auditor’s reports:

  • Formulate the financial statement in accordance with the special basis (e.g. tax basis, cash basis system, the report requirements of regulators)
  • One or more components of financial statements
  • Compliance with the contract
  • Brief financial statements

Our Services Include:

  • Special Audit for Issues in Relation to The Merger, Acquisition, Listing and Lawsuit of a Company
  • Royalty Audit
  • Profit Prediction Audit
  • Special Audit Based on the Requirement of Managerial Level

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Conpak Service Brochure

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