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Hong Kong Taxation

"Low tax rate and encouragement of business operation" is a policy persistently followed by the Hong Kong Government. Among the many advantages that Hong Kong has with respect to taxation is that Hong Kong provides enterprises the most satisfactory business environment to help investors expand their businesses.

As a Hong Kong-based professional consulting company, Conpak is experienced in taxation, accounting, auditing, risk management and other areas; formulating feasible tax service plans according to the characteristics and actual needs of certain industries which the enterprises belong to.

Main Taxes

Offshore Claim

Considering that Hong Kong adopts "Territorial Source Principle", the tax payers who make their income outside of Hong Kong may not pay tax in Hong Kong, but need to apply for tax exemption or advance ruling from the HKIRD.

Avoidance of Double Taxation

Double taxation may occur when two or more regions collect tax on the same income or profit made by the same tax payer. Hong Kong government has signed avoidance of double taxation agreements with many countries and regions in the world and explicitly determined the taxing rights in order to reduce double taxation on Hong Kong residents or corporations, or residents or corporations from other side of agreement.

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HK Salaries Tax
HK Salaries Tax

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