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Global Trademark Monitoring

Business opportunities are everywhere in this cyber world. However, brand protection is of an immense challenge to enterprises. In order to protect the right and interest of clients, trademark monitoring in view of increasingly fierce trademark infringement. We are going to provide clients trademark monitoring services covering over 170 countries and regions. Once we have located anyone registering the same or similar trademarks, we will take prompt response as well as further legal actions.

Our Services Include:

  • Trademark Tracking Services

    Apart from trademark registration, we also provide Trademark Tracking Services. With the help of regularly checking whether the same or similar trademarks have been registered and being applied in the market, we can, therefore, provide comprehensive protection for the enterprises.

  • Provision of Monitoring Report on Trademark

    Once trademark infringement is identified, we will issue professional evaluation report, illustrating solution and advice on the issue.

  • Covering 45 Classes of the NICE Classification of Goods and Services

    We can track down 45 classes of the NICE Classification of Goods and Services, instantly and actively monitoring trademark registration in different areas.

  • Trademark Search for Registrability
    US trademark search Canada trademark search European Union trademark search
    UK trademark search France trademark search Germany trademark search
    Switzerland trademark search Australia trademark search New Zealand trademark search
    Japan trademark search Korea trademark search Singapore trademark search
    Malaysia trademark search India trademark search Hong Kong trademark search
    Macao rademark search Taiwan trademark search Trademark search for other countries/regions

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