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International Trademark Registration

Beholden to the global economic integration, products and services trading across borders is strikingly frequent, and, however, infringement of intellectual property rights (IPRs) often occurs. A comprehensive strategy and implementation plan for overseas trademark registration is of vital importance for an enterprise to expand into overseas markets. Conpak is familiar with global trademark registration system and its application procedures, we can help the investors to register international trademark according to their business distribution. Through efficient and effective professional services and legal support, we are driven to provide comprehensive intellectual property protection to our clients.

Classification of Trademarks

Nice Classification is adopted for trademark registration in most countries and regions, specifying classes 1-34 for goods and classes 35-45 for services.

Principle of Protection

  • Prior application: China, Taiwan, France, Germany and etc.
  • Prior use: Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States and etc.
  • Both prior application and prior use: Canada

Application Requirement

A corporation or an individual can also apply for registration.

Our Services Include:

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