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European Community Trademark Registration

European Union (EU) Trademark is also known as European Community Trademark (CTM). Currently, the European Union comprises 28 member states. The trademark registered under CTM will be protected equally in all EU member states and therefore most enterprises tends to choose to apply for CTM.

Member states of the CTM Trademark

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus
Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France
Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy
Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands
Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia
Spain Sweden United Kingdom

Advantages of European Community Trademark

  • Lower fees: the force of a CTM once registered in a member state will be extended to all 28 EU member states
  • No restriction on nationality of the applicant or on the country in which the company is incorporated
  • Under protection by the laws of 28 member states of the European Union
  • No restriction on the language in which an application is filed and any member state’s language can be used for application

Required Information and Documents

  • Corporation Applicant: Business Registration Certificate / Certificate of Incorporation
  • Individual Applicant: Identity documents and address proof
  • Application form
  • Trademark image

Trademark Registration Flow

  • Trademark Search
  • Initial Application
  • Substantive Examination
  • Publication
  • Issuance of Certificate

Preliminary Trademark Search

The Preliminary trademark search, while optional, to avoid legal complications in the future. The point of a trademark search is to ensure that the trademark is not already under application or registered by another entity in order to reduce the possibilities of the rejection or opposition raised.

Duration of Application

6-8 months

Validity Period

The registration is valid for 10 years.


Renewal application for 10 years may be submitted 6 months before the expiry.

Note: The member states of CTM do not include such European countries as Belarus, Iceland, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine. If you would like to have a wider protection of your trademark in European markets, we suggest you filing applications in those key European countries on a case-by-case basis in addition to CTM registration.

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