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Designated Call/Fax Service

You can enjoy image and condition of communication same as an international company without subject to the high rent of Hong Kong offices, given that you have a designated phone or fax number in Hong Kong. With the designated call/fax service provided by Conpak, you can answer calls and collect fax to Hong Kong immediately anytime and anywhere, and never miss every single business opportunity.

With Direct Phone/Fax Number

  • Calls answering by designated person in the name of the company and the nofity of calls and messages via emails and texts
  • Calls transferring to designated fixed phone or mobile phone in Mainland China or other countries
  • Phone number printed on company’s letterheads and business cards
  • E-fax: fax delivered to designated e-mail address for easy access
  • Fax forwarding: forwarding to designated fax number in any countries

With Call Direct Service

  • Transfer designated calls to given fixed line/mobile number in the mainland China or other countries anytime on demand
  • No geographically bound. Calls made and answered anywhere

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Ms. Jenis Lee
+852 2666 2882
Ms. Cindy Wong
+852 2666 2891
Ms. Rachel Sung
+852 2666 2854
Ms. Helen Hu
+86 10 5659 1199
Ms. Laula Wang
+86 21 5389 6628
+86 138 1890 5030
Ms. Lisa Huang
+86 755 8828 8722
+86 138 2886 8906
Ms. Jolyn Lim
+65 6966 2233
Ms. Cindy Wong
+65 6966 2200
Ms. Jenis Lee
+65 6966 2288

Conpak Service Brochure

Conpak Service Brochure

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