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Audit for Australia Investment Immigration (subclass: 188) Purpose

The conditions on immigration to Australia differ in various business immigration schemes and the audit of part of the application materials must be performed by practicing accountants from Australia or Hong Kong. With extensive experience in audit for the purpose of immigration to Australia, Conpak performs the audit under the latest immigration laws and requirements in Australia, providing applicants with appropriate recommendations.

Required Documents

  • Key documents of the company Business license
    • Tax registration certificate
    • Organisation code certificate
    • Articles of association
    • Chart of corporate structure
    • Reports on the formation and change of capital verification
    • Descriptions on major clients
    • Descriptions on major suppliers
    • Title certificate on the company’s place of operation or lease agreement
  • Financial and tax documents
    • Financial statements for the immediate past three years
    • Inventory sheet for fixed asset
    • Proof of financial assets: monthly statement for such financial assets as shares and bonds or related documents
    • Photo copies of sales contracts and samples of invoices
    • Tax returns and receipts of tax payment
  • Documents for personal particulars
    • Applicant's ID card and passport
  • Other required documents

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