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Conpak provides all kinds of Information Search services to clients, from Hong Kong company search, business registration information search to bankruptcy/liquidation information search and etc., in order to help enterprise in profounder knowledge of the information from potential clients or competitors, and prevention from operating risk and reinforcement of competitiveness.

Our Services Include:

  • Hong Kong Company search
    • Information and records concerning shareholders or directors
    • Registered address
    • Number of issued shares
    • Registered capital
    • Date of company incorporation
    • Any change of shareholders or directors
    • Registration of mortgage negotiation and others
  • Properties Information Search

    Transaction record, price and date of purchase and other information concerning current and previous owners

  • Business Registration Information Search

    Investigation and verification on the information of stakeholders/partners, operating address and business registration certificate number of unlimited liability company

  • Civil Action Information Search

    Investigation and verification on civil action cases involved by corporations and persons

  • Bankruptcy/Liquidation Information Search

    Investigation and verification on whether corporations or persons are petitioning for liquidation or bankruptcy

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Conpak Service Brochure

Conpak Service Brochure

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