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Hong Kong Investment Immigration

On 25 October 2023, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Mr. LEE Ka Chiu, delivered the 2nd Policy Address during his term of office, announcing the new Capital Investment Entrant Scheme to be implemented in Hong Kong.

Later, The HK government announced more details of the Scheme on 19 December and will officially begin accepting applications in mid-2024.

According to the Scheme Rules, the applicant must have net assets of not less than HK$30 million or its foreign currency equivalent to which he/she is absolutely beneficially entitled throughout the 2 years preceding his/her application.

In view of this, Conpak will resume our application services for investment immigration in HK. If you want to know the latest policy on investment immigration in HK, please contact us.

Advantages of Investment Immigration in Hong Kong

  • Loose policy: no requirements for education, employment or capital source explanation; an adequate amount of investment is the mere requirement
  • Diverse investment options: no requirements for directional investment, as long as the financial products are approved by the HK government
  • Applicant's spouse and his/her unmarried and dependent children under the age of 18 may apply for immigration at the same time
  • Holders of HKSAR passports enjoy visa-free access to 168 countries and regions
  • One and only way to obtain an unconditional residence permit in HK: as long as the investment funds remain in HK for 7 years, after which the funds can be withdrawn
  • The original nationality can be retained until applying for the permanent resident status, without affecting the applicant's career and life in his/her country of origin
  • Access to medical and educational services in HK upon formal approval
  • Ease and low cost of operating a business in HK
  • Low taxation rate

Our Services Include:

  • Assistance in applying for investment immigration
  • Audit for investment immigration
  • Asset appraisal
  • Guidelines for investing in the HK financial market

Eligibility Criteria

  • General Requirements
    • Aged 18 or above
    • No criminal record
    • Foreign nationals
    • Chinese nationals who have obtained permanent resident status in a foreign country
    • Macao Special Administrative Region (Macao SAR) residents
    • Taiwan residents with Chinese nationality
  • Special Requirements
    The applicant must have net assets of not less than HK$30 million (or its foreign currency equivalent) to which he/she is absolutely beneficially entitled throughout the 2 years preceding his/her application.

Permissible Investment Assets

The applicant must invest at least HK$30 million in permissible investment assets, including at least HK$27 million in permissible financial assets and non-residential real estate, and HK$3 million in the new Capital Investment Entrant Scheme Portfolio to support the innovation and technology industries and other key industries that contribute to the long-term development of HK economy.

Required Materials

  • Application Form
  • Identification Materials
    • Identity Card
    • Passport issued by the country or region of origin
    • Copy of household register (applicable for Mainland Chinese and Taiwan residents)
    • Copy of marriage certificate
    • Notarial certificate of the marriage certificate (applicable for Mainland Chinese residents)
    • Copy of birth certificate
    • Notarial certificate of child's birth certificate (applicable for Mainland Chinese residents)
  • Asset Materials
    • Real estate: property ownership certificate and property evaluation report
    • Company: business licence, articles of association, audit report / financial statements
    • Bank deposits / equities / debt securities: last 24 months' bank statement
    • Asset certification report issued by a HK certified public accountant

Application Process

  • Assessing whether the assets in the past 24 months are in compliance with the requirement of HK$30 million and then issuing a report
  • Status switching: obtaining the foreign permanent resident status and related certificates and documents (if applicable)
  • Filling in the application form and submitting relevant documents to the Immigration Department
  • Obtaining a notice of Approval-in-Principle issued by the Immigration Department
  • Obtaining an Entry Permit valid for 3 months
  • Making an investment plan
  • Declaring investment assets to the Immigration Department
  • Upon approval by the Immigration Department, obtaining an Entry Permit valid for 2 years and apply for a Hong Kong Identity Card
  • Applying for extension of stay every 2 years and submitting investment details to the Immigration Department
  • Upon completion of seven years of residence, the applicant and his/her dependants may apply for the HK permanent resident status

Time to Take

It takes about 10-12 months to obtain an Entry Permit.

Notice: The above information is for reference only. Conpak will make changes according to the details published by the HK government. Please refer to the latest notice.

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