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Copyright Registration

Any work, once created, is automatically conferred with a copyright and protected by law. Such work is not only entitled to domestic copyright protection, but also protected by the Contracting State Parties to the Universal Copyright Convention which the country where the work is created has entered into. If the author applies for registration in the applicable authority upon completion of his/her work to confirm who is vested with the copyright, the copyright registration will be an authentic proof in case of any disputes over its copyright. On the other hand, the copyright owner is entitled to any gains arising from various means such as transfer or licensed use.

Universal Copyright Convention Principally Comprises

  • 《The Berne Convention》
  • 《Universal Copyright Convention》
  • 《The Geneva Phonograms Convention》
  • The World Trade Organisation -《Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights》
  • 《The World Intellectual Property Organisation (“WIPO”) Copyright Treaty 》
  • 《The WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty》

Uses of Copyright

  • To act as proof for settling copyright disputes
  • To enable the works to be publicly performed, narrated, screened, broadcast, adapted, reproduced or translated into other languages and generate economic benefits therefrom
  • To act as investment shares in form of technology and derive economic values
  • To yield gains by various means such as authorised use and transfer

Our Services Include:

Related Services

  • Consultation on Copyright Protection
  • Services Related to Copyright Transfer, Licensing and Pledge
  • Application for Judicial and Administrative Protection of Copyright
  • Assistance in Dealing with Internet Intellectual Property Rights Disputes

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