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Corporate Restructuring

In order to increase corporate benefit and competitiveness, enterprises can make full use of capital to optimize resource superiority through restructuring, to enhance work efficiency and reduce cost, as well as optimizing capital structure.

Conpak's Corporate Restructuring professionals will formulate a reasonable restructuring mode and explore corporate new values by thorough understanding of the client's enterprise.

Restructuring Purposes

  • To raise capital, and seek future development
  • To increase efficiency of management, and reduce operating cost
  • To purchase, merge business and set position in industry
  • To expand sales network, and increase products' market share
  • For spin-off
  • To make full use of future tax benefits
  • To realise optimal resource allocation
  • To promote synergistic effects

Restructuring Procedures

  • To formulate various proposals
  • To define property rights
  • To examine business or operation flow
  • To pass resolutions
  • To implement program
  • To implement program

Our Services Include:

  • Assessment of Business and Analysis of Key Problem
  • Adjustment of Equity Structure
  • Assets Stripping, Merger and Transfer
  • Composition, Replacement of Debt and Equity
  • Design and Determination of Improved Program
  • Optimisation of Human Resources
  • Assistance in Sales of Non-Core Business
  • Introduction of Strategic Investor
  • Monitor and Adjustment

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Conpak Service Brochure

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