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Appraisal Services

Accurate valuation on the intrinsic economic values, market values and fair values of enterprise' assets and business activities is the foundation of making corporate decisions. Conpak valuation team consists of internationally qualified professionals who are familiar with valuation methods and assets pricing principles in various industries. Adhering to professionalism and independence, we accumulate abundant experience in the field of business and assets valuation; and are determined to assisting enterprises with business development and asset appreciation via comprehensive valuation and consultation services.

Services Scope:

  • Listed Company

    The management and board of directors of listed companies have a duty to exercise good judgment and conduct business in the best interest of the company’s investors; monitory authorities also request engagement of an independent appraiser to provide fair market value opinion for substantial transactions. Our appraisers collaborate with various parties and adopt comprehensive appraisal process on public transaction issues, which will assists enterprises in making quick decisions in accordance with the listing rules.

  • Private Company

    Fund raising is the most popular valuation purpose for private companies. Subject to the enterprise's situation, we provide diversified and solid valuations as well as professional valuation services regarding fairness opinion of value.

  • Individual/Owner of Startup

    Our cross-disciplinary specialists provide valuation and business analytics services to high net-worth individuals and owners of startups with the aim of expanding wealth and capturing new investment opportunities.

  • Government and Government Agency

    Besides providing professional valuation services to enterprises and individuals, we, with proven track record of producing quality appraisal reports, offer wise and effective appraisal solutions to governments and government agencies.

Our services include:

  • Business Valuation
  • Fixed Assets Valuation
  • Intangible Assets Valuation
  • Financial Instruments Valuation
  • Business Advisory Services

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Conpak Service Brochure

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