Employment as Imported Workers

Employment as Imported Workers

The Supplementary Labour Scheme is implemented in Hong Kong, allowing employers with genuine difficulties in finding suitable employees locally to import workers at technician level or below from outside Hong Kong.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant is suitably qualified and experienced for the job in question
  • The terms and conditions of employment are comparable to those in the local market
  • The applicant will remain under the direct employment of the employer for a specific job and will not be contracted out to other companies or sub-contractors
  • There is no adverse record to the detriment of the applicant and the employer
  • The employer is financially capable of employing the applicant, providing him/her with suitable accommodation and of guaranteeing his/her maintenance and repatriation upon termination of his/her contract

Documents to be Submitted by the Applicants

  • An application form for entry for employment as imported workers in Hong Kong
  • The applicant's recent photograph
  • A travel document or the identity card
  • Proofs of academic qualifications and relevant working experience
  • a medical report

Documents to be Submitted by the Employers

  • An application form for employment of imported workers in Hong Kong
  • The employment contract
  • The approval letter issued by the Labour Department
  • Any other documents and information required by the Immigration Department

Limit of Stay

  • An imported worker may apply for extension of stay to work in Hong Kong within 4 weeks before the limit of stay expires for completion of the employment contract
  • The imported worker is required to return to his/her place of origin on completion of his/her employment contract
  • If the contract is pre-maturely terminated, the worker is only permitted to remain in Hong Kong for two weeks from the date of termination of contract or the balance of permitted stay, whichever is shorter

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