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Technology Talent Admission Scheme (TechTAS)

In order to overcome talent shortages and to nurture local talents, the Innovation and Technology Commission introduced the 'Technology Talent Admission Scheme' (TechTAS). TechTAS is a three-year scheme which aims to provide a fast-track arrangement for eligible companies/institutes to admit overseas and Mainland technology talents. Under TechTAS, the applicant technology companies/institutes are not required to demonstrate the talent shortage in each case. As a result, the actual admission procedure will be streamlined and the duration of employment visa application will be shortened.


  • The applicant company/institute:

    A tenant/incubatee of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTPC) or Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited (Cyberport) engaged in the area of biotechnology, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, robotics, data analytics, financial technologies or material science is eligible to submit the quota application under TechTAS.

  • The non-local technology talent:
    • must be employed as a full-time employee in Hong Kong by the applicant company/institute;
    • must be engaged principally in conducting R&D in the area of biotechnology, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, robotics, data analytics, financial technologies or material science;
    • must be a degree-holder in STEM subjects from a well-recognised university (Work experience is not required for those holding a Master's or Doctoral degree, whereas a minimum of one year of work experience in relevant technology areas is required for those holding a Bachelor's degree only) ;
    • must be offered a remuneration similar to the prevailing market rates for the comparable jobs in Hong Kong.

Quota Application

An admission quota of not more than 100 persons per year will be given to each successful applicant company/institute.

The local talent employment requirement under TechTAS

The applicant company/institute has to comply with the local talent employment requirement i.e. the applicant company/institute shall need to employ one new local full-time employee plus two local interns for every three non-local persons approved to be admitted under TechTAS.

Application Procedure

  • An eligible technology company/institute applies for a quota (apply through HKSTPC or Cyberport)
  • The quota is allotted
  • The eligible technology company/institute uses the quota
  • An employment visa has to be applied for the eligible person (application to be submitted to Immigration Department)
  • The employment visa is approved

The Right of Abode

The person admitted under TechTAS who has ordinarily resided in Hong Kong for a continuous period of not less than seven years may apply for the right of abode in Hong Kong.

Entry of Dependants

The person admitted under the TechTAS may apply to bring in his/her spouse and unmarried dependent children under the age of 18 to Hong Kong under the prevailing dependant policy.

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