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Single Country or Region Trademark Registration

Conpak provides service for registration of trademarks in more than 170 oversea countries and regions. If an applicant intends to directly file an application for registration of his/her trademark in any country he/she may choose, he/she shall do so in accordance with the specific legal procedures of that country. Registration of a trademark in a single country enjoys such benefits as flexible application procedures, lower risk, a stable trademark right and convenience for protecting the right. An applicant may choose to apply for a registration of his/her trademark in a particular country based on his/her own business needs.

Our Services Include:

  • Conduct trademark search and evaluation
  • Give advice on trademark registration, review on rejection, defense of opposition
  • Apply for trademark registration, deal with issues related to registration review and rejection, defense from opposition
  • Change the trademark, renew or replace the registration certificate, transfer and assign license
  • Handle revocation, dispute, taking legal action against trademark passing off and forestalling infringement of the trademark

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