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Customs Recordal

The Intellectual Property Rights holders may make an application for customs recordal. If infringement involved in goods is found by the rights holders or the Customs, such goods may be detained by the Customs in advance and verification is to be made with the rights holders for further legal protection, so as to effectively combat the Intellectual Property Rights infringement and to protect the legitimate interests of the rights holders.

Application Criteria

  • Any Intellectual Property Rights holders may apply
  • Intellectual Property Rights holder refer to the legal person or natural person with registered copyrights, trademarks or patents in China

Required Documents

  • A copy of business licence and valid Business Registration Certificate (For corporation))
  • Personal identity documents (For individual)
  • An application form (Applicant's signature is required)
  • Name, address and contacts of the rights holders
  • Proof of rights
  • Authorisation Letter

Application Procedure

  • Submit Recordation Application
  • Vetting by the Customs of PRC
  • Approved

Time Required

  • 1-2 months

Term of Validity

  • The customs recordation of an IPR shall take effect as of the date on which it is approved by the General Administration of Customs and shall be valid for 10 years. If an IPR is valid, the IPR holder may apply to the GAC for extension within 6 months before the expiration of the validity period for the recordation. Each extension recordation is valid for 10 years.

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