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Copyright Registration in The United States

Copyright registration in the United States is the prerequisite of commencing any legal proceedings against copyright infringement. Only the author of works that completed copyright registration can commence legal proceedings against copyright infringement and claim statutory compensation.

Any work published for the first time and within territory of the United States shall enjoy copyright within the United States. Any work published outside the United States and enjoys copyright under an agreement between the country to which the author belongs and the United States or under an international treaty to which both countries are parties, shall be protected by the laws of the United States.

Registration Categories

  • Written works
  • Oral works
  • Musical, dramatic, quyi, choreographic and acrobatic art works
  • Works of fine-art and architecture
  • Photographic works
  • Cinematographic works and works created in a way similar to cinematography
  • Drawings of engineering designs and product designs, maps, sketches and other graphic works as well as model works
  • Computer software
  • Other works as provided in law and administrative regulations

Required Information

  • Application of legal entities: A copy of business license or business registration certificate
  • Application of natural persons: identity proof of the applicant and identity document of the author
  • Application form (with signature of the applicant)
  • Name and address of the author
  • Work description (Name, type, completion date and publication status of the work)
  • Power of Attorney
  • Other necessary information

Registration Procedures

  • Preparation for requisite materials
  • Submission of application
  • Review by registration authority
  • Approval of certificate issuance

Time Required

  • 4-8 months

Term of Validity

  • Application of a natural person: throughout the author’s life and 70 years hereafter
  • Works completed on an employment/commission/anonym basis: 95 years since first publication or 120 years since completion

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