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Risk Management

In recent years, Risk Management issues have continuously emerged in various large or small lectures, which shows that more and more managements have recognized corporate risks which include legal risk, credit risk and financial risk, and in addition general risk. Corporate Risk Control should not only evade potential or contingent risks, but also ensure value maximisation and sustainable operation of enterprises.

Our Risk Management Group fully takes advantage of extensive contacts and close connections with various industries, to help enterprises establish an entire risk mechanism, draw up Risk Management-oriented policy and relevant standards, perform and supervise following-up relevant risk policy, so that enterprises can develop in a healthy way within a fiercely competitive market.

Our Services Include:

  • Drawing up Risk Management System
  • Assessing Contingent and Potential Risks
  • Risk Evaluation and Feasibility Analysis for Crucial Decisions
  • Financial Risk Evaluation and Countermeasures
  • Financial Forecasting and Profits Analysis
  • Internal Auditing Service
  • Assessing the Effect and Risk Accompanying New Laws, Regulations and Ordinances
  • Corporate Sustainable Operation Risk Assessment
  • Information System Risk Evaluation
  • Planning Self-Evaluation of Internal Control

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