Corporate Social Responsibilities

Environmental Protection

Our actions

  • Cutting down on wasted food: participated in "Mooncake Recycling Programme for the Mid-Autumn Festival" Hosted by the Food Grace, signed the Charter for Cherishing Food and promised neither to accept nor give any Mooncake Gift Sets.
  • Donation of Computers: Through donation of idle computers of the Company, we undertake our environmental-friendly responsibility of reduction of disposal and recycling.
  • Ocean conservation: We joined “International Coastal Cleanup 2013 Hong Kong” to clean up litter in Rocky Bay Beach, Shek O, Hong Kong, and raised money to support green life education in Hong Kong.
  • Saying no to paper wasting: reusing waste paper and documents in office, using both sides of paper for photo coping, using recycled paper, sending emails instead of hard copies of correspondance, using smaller font size words in documents, encouraging employees to use their own cups instead of paper cups.
  • Energy saving: turning off the power in relevant areas in the office when being off duty; turning off the lighting and air conditioning in an idle conference room.
  • Creating a green office: Putting suitable number of potted plants in the office to improve air quality and comfortability.
  • Collection of renewable resources: placing recycling bins for separate collection of paper, aluminum cans, plastic things and other renewable resources and giving them to relevant environmental-protection organisations for recycling;Participating in Computer Refurbish Project organized by Caritas Hong Kong to donate the idle computer monitors of the Company, in order to reduce the disposal and protect the environment.
  • Reduction of pollution: placing a recycling bin for collection of used batteries, and giving them to environmental-protection organisations for decomposition in order to avoid land contamination.
Environmental Protection

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