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Construction & Related Service Company

Specific Arrangements for CEPA

  • Hong Kong and Macau service suppliers are permitted to provide construction & design, engineering, centralised engineering, urban planning and landscaping design services, in the forms of wholly-owned or joint venture, or through the establishment of their wholly-owned consulting engineering companies, in mainland China.
  • Hong Kong service suppliers are permitted to set up their wholly-owned construction cost consulting corporations in the Mainland on the basis of their operating results in Hong Kong and the Mainland,which will be collectively assessed as the qualification for their application in the Mainland. Those who have acquired such certification are permitted to bid for construction projects in all parts of the Mainland
  • To allow wholly acquisition of construction enterprises in the Mainland
  • Construction enterprises in the Mainland set up by Hong Kong and Macau service suppliers are exempted from foreign investment restrictions when undertaking Chinese-foreign joint construction projects
  • There will be no restriction on the proportion of Hong Kong and Macau permanent residents being project managers approved by the qualification authorities
  • The residency requirement is waived for Hong Kong and Macau permanent residents employed as technical staff and managerial staff in the Mainland

Required Documents

  • Submission of the following documents are made to the local Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation Bureau:
    • Application for incorporation
    • Feasibility study report
    • Contracts, and articles of association
    • Enterprise Name Approval Advance Notice
    • Certificates of incorporation, bank reference letter and certificates of service suppliers in their proper locations of the investors
    • Appointment documents and certificates of the proposed chairman, members of the Board, manager, engineering technical principal
    • Balance sheets and profit & loss statements of the last three years audited by a Certified Public Accountants firm
  • Submission of following documents are to be made to the competent administration for construction to apply for the qualification of foreign investment construction & design corporation:
    • Declaration form of foreign investment construction & design corporation qualification
    • Certificate of approval for foreign investment corporation
    • Business license
    • Foreign investors' certificates of incorporation, bank reference letters in their proper locations
    • Foreign investors' personal practicing qualification certificates in their proper locations, as well as the construction & design achievement and goodwill certificates for persons and corporations issued by the competent governmental authorities, or industry academies, associations and notary public offices
    • Balance sheet and profit & loss statements of the last three years audited by a Certified Public Accountants firm
    • Other documents as required by the administrative provisions on the management of corporation qualification

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