Participating in 2023 "Skip-A-Meal" Event

Due to ongoing natural disasters and conflicts, most local farmers and herdsmen in South Sudan and Somalia have lost their livelihoods. Many children are suffering from chronic hunger and severe malnutrition.

In order to provide appropriate assistance to those in distress, Conpak participated in the "Skip-A-Meal" Event for the 16th consecutive year, encouraging colleagues to eat one less meal during the period of August to October and donate the saved meal money. This year, a total of HK$ 16,680 was donated to support World Vision's work in providing emergency food aid, mobile medical services and water facilities to needy children and families in South Sudan and Somalia. Conpak actively participates in various charitable activities, makes contributions to those in need, and appeals to all sectors of society to pay attention to the problem of poverty, fulfilling its corporate responsibility with concrete actions.

Participating in 2023 Skip-A-Meal Event

Participating in 2023 Skip-A-Meal Event

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