Participating in the "Mooncake Recycling Program for the Mid-Autumn Festival"

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, it is a tradition for Chinese people to give mooncakes as gifts to relatives and friends, symbolizing reunion and good luck. However, over the past seven years, a food recycling organization called Food Grace has collected over 180,000 excess mooncakes from the public. The huge food waste is due to the annually-stable sales of mooncakes with the public’s decreasing desire to enjoy them.

In support of "waste reduction, low carbon, environmental protection", Conpak signed once again the Green Mid-Autumn Festival Food Saving Pledge on 18 September 2021, promising to neither take nor send mooncakes as gifts to our clients or partners. Over the past two years, all walks of life have been affected by the epidemic and thus this time, we handed out lucky packages to our colleagues to celebrate a green Mid-Autumn Festival together.

Mooncake Recycling Program for the Mid-Autumn Festival

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