Participating in "The Community Chest's Dress Casual Day 2019"

In order to support the public welfare undertakings in Hong Kong, Conpak participated once again in the "Dress Casual Day" held by The Community Chest on 10 October 2019.

On the Day, participants can put on the Dress Casual Day stickers and go to work in casual wear. In order to contribute more to the society, Conpak provides 100% matching donation for each dollar Conpak's employee donates and encourages them to raise money from relatives and friends. Since the first session of this event, "The Community Chest’s Dress Casual Day" has been well received by the public. All donations raised will be donated to social welfare organizations, benefiting an estimated amount of 2.5 million people in need.

The Community Chest's Dress Casual Day 2019

The Community Chest's Dress Casual Day 2019

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