All-new Conpak website officially launched

After two years of preparation and planning, the all-new Conpak CPA Limited website was formally launched on the 10 February 2007. The new website features comprehensive information on the company's various services, and also provides a general overview of the company as well as its latest news and events. Moreover, in order to allow investors and company management alike to gain a in-depth understanding of a wider range of business-related intelligence, the website provides two specific sections: "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)" and "Business Guides". More than 200 questions and answers that are encountered in everyday practice in recent years have been compiled by Conpak professional teams and put on the FAQS section for the benefits of clients' use as a reference source. In the "Business Guides", we have collected relevant information relating to mainland China and Hong Kong business environments, as well as information for the benefit of investors planning to enter the China market or establishing business in Hong Kong.

In addition, the website has a "Registration" function allowing clients to input simple personal details (such as name, email address, and areas of interest) in order to receive the "Conpak e-Newsletter" on a regular basis. The aim of this service is to provide a wider range and more up-to-date reference information for our clients, thereby helping them in their everyday operations and business expansion.

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