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Mr. Man Law

Mr. Man LawCEO Greater China Division

Conpak will celebrate its 20th anniversary on 1 April 2018!

Since its establishment in April 1998, Conpak started from scratch and achieved excellent advancements in business development and service quality by exploring through practice and accumulating experiences. We continue to expand our service network, today our footprint has been extended beyond Hong Kong with offices set up in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen supported by 250–strong team.

20 years of fruitful professional services

Conpak provides one-stop professional services to global investors and gains its steady footing by focusing on long-term development. We strive to provide tailor-made business development plans to investors from all sectors to help them deal with complicated business challenges.

At the same time, we honour our commitment to the society and perform our social responsibilities through charity, environmental protection and volunteer services. We serve the society for more than 300 hours annually.

Consolidate foundation and invest in the future

Globalization and technological innovations bring unprecedented opportunities and challenges to investors from all sectors. In the next two decades, we will continue to adhere to our service mission of ‘pragmatic pursuit of perfection’ and keep an eye on policy changes for further diversification of services. We will help investors from all sectors seize business opportunities and turn another page of success.

With the past behind, we march towards an even more fruitful future. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to you for supporting and trusting us and look forward to having more exchanges and cooperation with you in the future!

History and Milestones

Aug 2015

Opening of Beijing office

Mar 2014

Become a member of the International Trademark Association

Jan 2013

Expansion and relocation of Hong Kong office

Dec 2011

To serve as a Consultant of SME Advisory Services and a member of the China Trade Advisory Services of The Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Aug 2009

Opening of Shanghai office

Mar 2007

Act as a member of TDC Professional Services Advisory Committee at the invitation of HKTDC

Mar 2006

Expansion and relocation of Shenzhen office

Jan 2003

Opening of Shenzhen office

Apr 1998

Establishment of Hong Kong headquarters

Public Service Activities

Conpak is devoting to be a responsible corporate citizen, and do the best for the public service in many different ways. As at to date, Conpak has been awarded the "Caring Company" certificate for seven consecutive years by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. And successively obtained the "SKIP-A-MEAL", "Verified Emission Reductions (VER)" and "Certificate for Volunteer Service" and other honors.

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