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Growing is accompanied by the talents

Conpak embraces a culture of tolerance, support, teamwork and employee-first. Working along with the inspiring counterparts is an understanding of the culture. No matter which grade you are at, where you are working in, our team culture helps build and maintain a long-lasting relationship across the branches within and outside of work. People are always what we treasure most at Conpak.

Annual dinner 2016

Outdoor activities and barbecues in Shanghai

One-day trip to Xiaoguiwan for cycling and yachting in Shenzhen

Annual dinner 2015 in Shanghai

Annual dinner 2015

Christmas party 2014 in Shanghai

Christmas party 2014 in Hong Kong

Christmas party 2014 in Shenzhen

2-day trip to Nanshan Zhuhai and Yushui hot spring

2-day trip to Huizhou hot spring and Sanzhaigu/ Nankuishan

Farm and market visit in Hong Kong

Rice dumpling class

Annual dinner 2014

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